4th Annual Business Idea Competition

Business pitch competitions, like the BYC North Durham Youth Business Idea Competition, are not hard to come by. Many are hosted constantly for different age groups. This is  because they are extremely successful in supporting the development of new businesses. The BYC Business Idea Competition is no exception to that success.

BYC has hosted two very successful competitions and the 4th annual Business Idea Competition will get underway on February 28th. Students from Port Perry, Uxbridge and Brock High School will compete at their own schools and 2 youth from each high school will advancing to the finals competing for Cash prizes of up to $1000 and microloans of up to $1,500.

One of the finalists from 2015, Madison, who won first place for the Uxbridge area in the semi finals as a children’s birthday party entertainer. Her venture, The Ultimate Character Experience, provides entertainment through singing and character acting. Some of her characters include, The White Streaked Princess, The Underwater Princess, and many more! Madison has found a way to turn her passion of the performing arts, love for children and giving back to others, into a business, while still finishing high school, having fun and learning a lot along the way!

Another participant from the Business Idea Competition is Simon Southwell. Simon first learned how to grow giant pumpkins in his 4H club at age 12. After selling one pumpkin to the local Independent Grocery Store Simon landed himself on the front page of the Toronto Star. Two years later Simon now has a contract with Loblaw’s to sell them up to 60 giant pumpkins ranging from 500 to 1000 pounds each. Simon, now 14 years old, has started another business making paintings and cards.

The BYC has had the privilege of working with youth, and supporting them in turning their ideas and passion into successful businesses. Competitions like the Business Idea Competition can be just the beginning for young entrepreneurs!

Members of the community are invited to attend the competitions and show the youth your support:

  • Brock Semi-finals @ Brock High School Library at 3:30pm on February 28th
  • Uxbridge Semi-finals @Uxbridge Secondary School Library at 1:00pm on March 2nd
  • Port Perry Semi-finals @ Port Perry High School Library at 3:30pm on March 7th
  • Finals @ Brock High School Cafeteria at 6:00pm on March 23rd

See where some of or other young entrepreneurs have ended up!

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